Secret Health Benefits of Erotic Massages

Massages are often known to offer numerous health benefits. However, some people seem to discount the benefits of sensual massages. The truth of the matter is that while regular massages offer therapeutic benefits, so do the sensual aspects of erotic massages. That’s why erotic massages in Montreal and other cities are increasingly becoming more popular.

So what kind of benefits do these erotic massages offer? You may be surprised to know that these are actually quite numerous:

It Helps You Deal with Stress

This is true of regular massages, as many people already know. But often we forget that erotic activities also function as stress inhibitors. When you engage in sex and similar erotic activities, your body releases hormones that help your body recover from stressful periods. This is the reason why people who work in highly stressful jobs don’t do very well when they’re celibate for too long.

It’s been found in various studies that people who have just engaged in erotic activities have lower blood pressure when reacting to stressful situations, compared to people who haven’t engaged in sensual activities for a while.

Erotic Massages Are Good for Your Cardiovascular Health

There’s a very strong link between an active sex life and the state of your cardio health. Any sort of prolonged celibacy can lead to hormonal and aerobic disruptions to your cardio vascular system.

Sensuality Boosts Your Immune System

In other words, if you don’t want to get sick too often because of an impaired immune system, a regular dose of eroticism will do you some good. This has been indicated by other studies. One particular study involved participants who had sex at least once a week. It was found that these participants, when compared to their celibate counterparts, had higher amounts of a crucial immunoglobin in their system. This immunoglobin helps your body become more resistant to conditions such as the common cold.

For Men, These Massages Can Reduce the Risk of ED

Lots of men are apprehensive about the prospect of erectile dysfunction. This is especially true of older men, since they’re unable to produce as much testosterone as they did when they were in the prime of their lives. However, regular bouts of erotic and sexual activity can actually help you make sure you retain the ability to have an erection.

Erotic Massages Can Help Your Memory

It’s been found that with regular sensual activities you can improve the health and function of your hippocampus. This is the part of your brain that involves your memory. In general, when you engage in sensual activities regularly, your brain is stimulated to create more neurons. These neurons enable you to be better at processing and recalling information.

It’s also been found that when the sensual activities stop, so do the benefits. Even if you already have the new neurons, when you stop your erotic activities for too long then you’ll lose the higher cognitive and memory functions you enjoyed.

So if you’re getting older, this type of massage becomes a lot more important. Memory loss as well as accumulated stress can come as a result of the aging process, but sensual massages can help counteract the effects on your memory.

All in all, erotic massages aren’t just fun between couples. They’re also healthy for everyone involved!