Mindfulness – The Only Thing You Should To Know to Stay Positive

The human brain is naturally designed to think negatively. But, we can break that natural structure to be a positive person. Yes, we humans can programme ourselves and create a positive mindset.

The most accurate and effective technique for creating a positive mindset is – Mindfulness!

If you go by the definition, mindfulness is the psychological process to bring your attention to the experiences that are occurring to you in the present moment. Simply stated, mindfulness is the art of living in present rather than sulking about past or worrying about the future.

Here we are giving you tips for staying positive with mindfulness. Let’s see what you can do to programme your mind for always being positive.

Keep a check on your thought process – As discussed earlier, the human brain is naturally programmed to think negative. And, the worst thing is that the negative thoughts always come in the loop. You cannot deter negative thoughts coming to your mind. But, you can always keep a check on your thoughts.

Be mindful and literally see what’s happening inside your mind. As soon as you see some negative thoughts remind yourself lightly that your thought process is going in the wrong direction. Don’t beat yourself for thinking negatively or don’t force yourself to think positively. Just stay conscious about the things going on in your mind in the present moment. A gentle reminder is more than enough to tell your brain to change its course.

Don’t judge yourself based on your thoughts – Tell yourself clearly that you are not your thoughts. The brain is a unique system that can never sit idle. So, it keeps on making trails of thoughts. But, you have a separate identity from those temporary thoughts that come and go like the bubbles of water.

Be mindful and try to acknowledge that you are stronger than your thoughts. See that you are positive in your actions despite those negative thoughts. When we create this visible separating line between us and the thoughts the brain starts working accordingly. This is a sort of indirect command to your brain for keeping your actions unaffected by the negative thoughts popping in the brain.

So, the next time your brain creates the negative thought like ‘I’m worthless’, tell your brain it is just a random thought it came up with. And, stay unaffected by the thought.

Start meditating – The best technique for teaching yourself mindfulness is meditation. Allot some minutes of your day for meditation practice. In general, we are so much distracted internally and externally that it is really tough to stay mindful. But, once you start practicing meditation you’ll easily learn the art of being in present.

Let’s accept the truth; meditation is not a habit you will develop very easily. You need to put lots of effort and dedication to develop and stick to meditation routine. The best way to develop a long-lasting meditation routine is to start with baby steps. You can even start meditation for just 1-minute but make sure you do it daily. Meditation is the must-have habit of mastering the art of mindfulness.

Shift your attention – When you start noticing your thought process and learn to separate yourself from your thoughts you can start shifting your attention gradually. When you acknowledge a thought as negative and tell your brain that this is the not right thing to think the brain discards that thought. But, if you don’t fill that void immediately the negative thoughts return back to their position.

So, as soon as you see your brain pointing towards negativity. Tell it to stop immediately. Sit down and start writing about 5 positive things of the day or 5 best moments of your life or anything that can instill the positive feeling in you.

Don’t procrastinate here and say that you can simply think of those positive things rather than writing. If you try to think about the positive things mentally you will create a mental conflict because the negative thought too would try to come back. This type of conflict can create confusion and stress in the mind. When you sit to write those positive thoughts, the brain will get busy in instructing the nerves and muscles to write thus weakening the power of negative thoughts to return immediately.

Follow the simple four-step guide and you’ll very soon see yourself creating positive thoughts and imagination in your mind naturally. Let me tell you clearly that these steps are easier said than done. So, don’t get frustrated if you take time in learning these steps. Let the process be slow but don’t break the consistency.