Exceptional Healthcare Situation Is the Mystery to Contortionist???s Ability

He’s been referred to as a health care mystery, but Daniel Browning Smith just phone calls himself “Rubber Boy.”

“I can dislocate each arms, both legs, flip my torso a hundred and eighty degrees and all sorts of nuts stuff,” Smith, 35, informed ABC News’ “20/twenty.”

Smith holds the Guinness World Record for most adaptable individual and the file for swiftest time passing by way of an unstrung tennis racket a few occasions. He is also a stuntman, breaking his arms and legs in films, and performs at NBA halftime exhibits.

The magic formula to his remarkable adaptability, Smith said, is a rare healthcare condition named Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS).

“It’s a collagen problem, and it helps make me extremely, really versatile,” explained Smith.

The syndrome can lead to intense elasticity of the joints and pores and skin.

“Probably 1 in one,000 individuals have it,” Dr. Michael Holick, a doctor at Boston Healthcare Middle and professor of medication, physiology and biophysics at Boston University College of Medicine, instructed “20/20.” “Most can demonstrate that they are double-jointed so that they could improve mobility of their joints.”

“My ribs in fact dislocate and poke out of my chest, and I do have some muscle mass soreness, but it’s quite minimal, so I have been extremely lucky,” Smith explained.

But despite the damaging aspect consequences, there are also quite a few upsides to obtaining EDS, Smith said.

“I joined a circus when I was 17, and I have traveled the entire entire world,” mentioned Smith. “It’s just been definitely phenomenal.”

View Daniel Browning Smith’s tale on ABC News’ “20/20” on Friday, March 13 at ten p.m. ET.

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