Creative Uses for Cauliflower, 2015’s Oft-Predicted Best Food Trend

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2015 has arrived, and with it has appear food pattern predictions from professionals, weblogs, publications and a lot more. 1 typical concept? Cauliflower.

“Cauliflower is surpassing kale this 12 months,” chef Candy Argondizza, vice president of culinary and pastry at New York City’s International Culinary Centre, predicted to ABC Information. “I think it is undoubtedly heading to be the vegetable of 2015.”

The employs for cauliflower go way beyond roasting and crudité, some thing chefs throughout the region are tapping into with innovative makes use of this kind of as grilling it like a steak, grating it to resemble rice, pureeing it as an alfredo cream sauce substitute and much more.

“Cauliflower is a truly exciting vegetable since it’s very adaptable and there is a deepness to the flavor that’s profound,” Argondizza mentioned. “It’s really versatile, it’s wholesome, it can be blanched or boiled, reduce and roasted in the oven. Roasting gives it a whole other element of flavor. As a vegetable it is on a lot of menus, and proper now it’s quite seasonal.”

Not only can the vegetable stand on its possess, even roasted complete, but Argondizza mentioned cauliflower also features effectively as a mystery component, this sort of as by fortifying mashed potatoes to be much healthier and becoming baked into pizza crusts for a gluten-free of charge model.

“It’s acquired a good qualifications observe,” she stated. “It’s almost like the anchovy of the vegetable assortment – it is that concealed ingredient where you shouldn’t even know it is there, but it lends this kind of a distinctive flavor profile.”

Get cooking with this hip veggie yourself with the numerous recipes underneath.

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