Biggest Health-related Miracles of 2014

Owen and Emmitt Ezell formerly conjoined twins appreciate a play date.

Present day drugs has always been able of amazing issues, but 2014 was an especially exceptional calendar year.

Considerably of what occurred above the previous twelve months wasn’t even achievable just a few quick many years ago. Some occurrences, like the ones that follow, might even qualify as miracles.

Bionic Vision

In Oct, a North Carolina guy grew to become a single of the very first folks in the entire world to acquire a bionic prosthetic eye implant . Right after becoming blind for more than thirty several years, medical doctors had been ready to restore a minimal sum of his sight.

The wireless gadget works by picking up mild via a tiny digital camera and transmitting the gentle into the nerves of the retina which then send alerts to the brain. The University of California researchers who created the technology get in touch with it standard but “a massive leap ahead.”


The 2014 World Cup soccer event began with a kick by a paraplegic man in a mind controlled exoskeleton .

“As we go following the globe cup, we would like to take a look at a amount of other movements, “said Miguel Nicolelis, 1 of the a hundred researchers who aided develop the robotic go well with as part of the Walk Again Venture.

3D Printed Physique Elements

This was the yr print-on-desire body elements grew to become a feasible reality. From the prosthetic hand printed for under $ 10 by substantial schoolers to the custom “bionic arm” 3D printed for a 6-calendar year-aged boy , experts and citizens alike printed up a substitute for just about each and every joint in the body. Researchers also experimented with bio-printing organs as properly.

Miracle Toddlers …

This was a banner yr for miracle babies. Conjoined twins survived and thrived in Dallas, a rare “Ghost Baby” born without having 80 % of her blood was saved by a breakthrough stem mobile therapy in the so-referred to as “ bubble little one illness,” a exceptional issue that leaves its younger victims with no a workable immune technique.

… And Miracle Mothers

When a 40-12 months-old woman’s coronary heart stopped beating for forty five minutes for the duration of labor , medical doctors were about to phone her time of demise. All of a sudden they noticed a blip on the coronary heart monitor.

“I bear in mind viewing a non secular currently being who I imagine was my father,” Ruby Graupera-Cassimiro mentioned of the incident which transpired in November. “I keep in mind the gentle guiding him and numerous other non secular beings.”

Extremely, her heart commenced yet again on its possess, medical doctors said. She effectively shipped a healthier child lady, Taily, by cesarean.

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